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Sagittairus Horoscope


Sagittarius (Dhanur): November and December are two twin months where you can convert all your plans into action because unexpected gains can pour in your destiny and will bring you prosperity in life. Your competitors will move out of your way and you will get their share of benefits as well. Your business will bring you great fortune and get benefits from higher authorities. All round development is seen. On professional front you will get favor from your superiors and higher authorities and will get your share of betterment and prosperity. You will be in an influential position wherever employed. Family support is compatible and shall share good relationship with your siblings. Plan according to your thoughts both at professional and personal life as you get good opportunities to prove yourself. You will attend a religious function and undertake journeys. Financial conditions have to be monitored after mid-December as you might incur loss. During this period you will also be surrounded by enemies disguised as friends. You will spend more money on luxuries during this time and you will enjoy. Favorable period for love life or to find life partner. Health factors are good but you will find yourself more stressed because of hyper impact of planet Saturn. Avoid medicines for any kind of ill health as this shall be rectified eventually with time on its own. Avoid ill-temper. Worship Lord Hanuman and chant Hanuman Chaalisa everyday with Mrutyunjay Jaap.