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Libra Horoscope

  • Libra
  • November 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Libra (Tula): November and December are more favorable towards you as you enjoy name, fame and success. A possibility of visiting religious places brings success in your efforts. Family and professional atmosphere will be very supportive towards you. Your loved ones will seek help and support from you and you will assure to satisfy them. On your professional front you will be courageous and shall take bold decisions. You will get relieved of all stress and tensions in these two months and even your subordinates will support you. Your competitors will not dare to face you as you will emerge as best on your aspects. More work burdens, too much of involvement in work makes you tiring but results in rewards. People who are in business will earn lot of money and lead aristocratic life. Their desires will be fulfilled. You will get help from senior people who will influence your positions. There are chances of loss during last week of December which greatly influences on your financial matter and will need to be extra vigilant in this week. You will be excited to meet your old peers. Good time for legal battles and might result in your favor. Job seekers will get success in interviews. Do not indulge yourself with negative people which might result in change of place (either profession or residential). To avoid such situations, donate milk on Fridays to the poor and chant Godess Lakshmi Beej mantra everyday (2 malas).