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Leo Horoscope

  • Leo
  • November 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Leo (Simha): A fabulous period for Leo as November and December will be favorable for increase in income is indicated and favorable time to commence new ventures and definite earnings from business. A perfect harmony in a family life and you will share a good rapport with your senior family members. If you are a business men, then there are possibilities of enlargement of your business and there will be success. You will take important decisions in your career front. There will be an opportunity to meet compatible business partner who might give you a shoulder support. Travels are on the cards for business people. Professionals will approach their seniors or supervisors for appraisals and gains. You might be recognized by your seniors and get good results professionally. Overall it is a good period for career growth. There is a high probability of new job prospects in December. You can expect support from an influential person. You will need to pay special attention towards your family (specially spouse). you may requires attention on personal health. Children’s seek your attention as there will be health ailments. Come out of unnecessary aggression to avoid disturbance. This is favorable month for students. There will be good luck for higher education and can achieve good stability of the mind. Educationally good results are assured and your desires will be fulfilled. Good time for Job placements for freshers and greatly influenced by Jupiter. Chant Dutthatreya Stotra on Mondays and Thursdays for more appealing attitude and visit Sun temple nearby.