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Cancer Horoscope

  • Cancer
  • November 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Cancer (Kataka): November and December brings favorable situations to fulfil your desire. There will be improvement in career, skills, work and shall bring prosperity in the professional life. People involved in business might experience hurdles but with their good efforts and experience will lead to increase in income and improvement in their income sources. People in the path of spirituality will be enlightened. Support from seniors will be promising if you are willing to work hard. Avoid temperament and bring flexibility in your work. Support your family and friends as they require your help and also will need to be more responsible towards your duties. Students will get support from their faculty which will help solve your problems. It’s a favorable period for growth in academics. Be open to advise given by elders as this shall turn fruitful eventually. People who want to marry will find their best match and will share a happy life. You are likely to travel on personal and professional side. You will socialize with family and friends in a get together. You will be blessed with good health these 2 months. Stay away from your enemies because they might exploit you emotionally and create problems. You might acquire new assets or make investments for future. Donate for charitable deeds and distribute study material to the poor students for prosperity. Worship lord Shiva regularly for better results.