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Pisces Horoscope

  • Pisces
  • November 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Pisces (Meena): This period will be good for acquisitions example: Vehicles, Property etc. for professionals an increase in your income is indicated. You will be benefited by contracts and agreement. Though the career phase is challenging and difficult, there will be increase in the income. This is a good time to start new ventures. All your desires will be fulfilled. It is important to pay attention towards your family and take precautions for the required. You’re generous and helping nature helps you to survive in difficult situations. Professionals gain rewards and recognitions and remarkable development for business people leads to the prosperity. Government employed individuals can expect promotions. People who are associated with gold, silver and precious stones etc will gain very high. Family atmosphere will be little stressed and will need to take care of their health aspects. Your life partner will need your attention. You will get new opportunities to improve your career which might result in success. Your siblings will get success in their career front that shall bring happiness to you. Avoid bad company which might drag you towards negative habits. Students will get good learning opportunities and enormous success is expected. Communications and performance brings new opportunities and promote their lives. Do not indulge in legal aspects. For all the difficult situations that shall arise in your path will be dealt with prayers and good deeds. Provide food for the poor and donate a brass lamp to the Temple and chant Ganapati Sankashta Hara Stotra every day. Read Guru Charita.