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Aquarius Horoscope

  • Aquarius
  • November 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Aquarius (Kumbh): November and December are the 2 months which fulfills your desires and leads to the success for example: promotions to professionals. Success for business people is favored and you will walk in path of prosperity. Students will explore in their career and implement their plans and ideas and with God’s grace they will achieve their goals. Cooperation from senior officials helps you to prove your skills and gain trust and being progressive professionally. You can maintain harmonious relationship with colleagues. In December working environment will be challenging and you will need to work hard and bear the stress. Avoid new investments and take care of your finances. Be tolerant specially towards those who disapprove your work. Stay clear to them as your profession require instant and constant decisions. Spend your time and money only where required and avoid unnecessary expenses. Health wise you need to take care specially ENT. In December, you might face a situation where you do many things at once and stress to pay attention towards everything. You need mental and physical disciplines to complete it successfully. Yoga will be the excellent remedy for such situations. Medical professionals will meet their ambitions and do really well in their work and gain popularity. Teaching professionals will also provide excellent service. Chant Shiva ashtottara and Rama Raksha Kavacha. Visit Hanuman and Subramanya temple on Saturdays and feed the birds with oil seeds.